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Chemorse manufactures a wide variety of adjuvants that help improve the performance and effectiveness of pesticide applications. From tank mix adjuvants to application aids and utility products, Chemorse has the solutions to improve spray application effectiveness. Chemorse offers a broad range of adjuvants that are approved for tank mixing with the latest dicamba and 2,4-D technologies.

Adjuvants are added to tank mixes to aid or modify the physical characteristic(s) of a liquid spray application to improve its performance. Depending upon the treatment goals, adjuvants can advance the performance of the spray mixture by improving spreading, penetration, deposition, wetting, sticking and moisture retention properties.  Other adjuvants reduce spray drift, acidify or butter the spray tank pH, condition tank mix spray water and suppress or prevent spray tank foam. 

Adjuvants include such products as nonionic surfactants, organosilicone surfactants, crop oil concentrates, methylated seed oil (MSO) concentrates, water conditioners, stickers, drift reduction agents, deposition agents, foam markers and others.

With the development of "new generation" pesticides, in addition to heightened environmental awareness, the role of adjuvants in pesticide applications has become increasingly important. By facilitating the action of pesticides or modifying the spray solution, adjuvants ensure the producer will deliver efficient and effective applications.

Chemorse understands the importance of proper pesticide application and is dedicated to producing superior quality adjuvants to meet your needs. We have both the flexibility and the versatility to work with you on innovative new products as well as historically established adjuvants. Our complete line of adjuvants includes:

  • Petroleum and vegetable oil concentrates
  • Methylated seed oil concentrates
  • Wetting, sticking and penetration agents
  • Deposition and drift control aids
  • Foam markers, antifoams, etc.

While there are many types of adjuvants providing a wide variety of functions, some of the most common are:

  • Nonionic Surfactants
  • Organosilicone Surfactants
  • Oil Based Adjuvants
  • Drift Reduction Agents (DRA)
  • Antifoaming and Defoaming Agents
  • Water Conditioners
  • Utility Products
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