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Drift Reduction Agents (DRA)

Products in this category are designed to reduce the movement of airborne liquid or solid material from the target area at the time of application which can be affected by such things as particle size, air movement and temperature gradient, humidity, type of terrain and more.  Drift control agents affect the physical properties of the spray solution, allowing for a more uniform and consistent spray pattern.  A key variable contributing to pesticide spray drift is the particle size and distribution of the spray.  Drift control agents effectively reduce the number of “fine” particles and increase the “average particle size” to a range of 250-500 microns.  

Drift Control Agents are materials used in liquid spray tank mixtures to reduce physical drift and improve the deposition of pesticide sprays.   Spray drift is deļ¬ned as the movement of a spray solution to an area other than the intended site of application.   Some of the many consequences of drift include a lower level of control, skips and/or overlaps, phytotoxicity and possible environmental concerns.

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