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Oil Based Adjuvants

Crop Oil Concentrates 

Crop Oil Concentrates are emulsifiable petroleum oil-based products.  They are used to enhance performance of postemergence pesticides through increased coverage and penetration of the leaf surface.

Crop oil concentrates modify the waxy cuticle of a leaf, allowing the pesticide to penetrate into the transportation system of the plant.  They are also effective in reducing the surface tension of the spray droplets and increasing retention and drying time.  These properties insure uniform droplet distribution and increased absorption of the pesticide for improved efficacy.  

Methylated Seed Oil (MSO) Concentrates

Methylated Seed Oil (MSO) Concentrates are emulsifiable, chemically-modified vegetable oil products designed to increase plant penetration and pesticide absorption.   

A major barrier in penetrating the plant cuticle is the epicuticular wax. This "surface wax" is one of the most important components of the cuticle as far as foliar retention and penetration of herbicidal sprays are concerned.  MSO concentrates (which have chemical structures similar to this surface wax) are effective in breaking through this cuticle barrier by way of dissolution of the epicuticular wax.

Methylated Seed Oil (MSO) with Organosilicones

MSO With Organosilicones are unique multifunctional spray additives. They combine a highly refined and modified spray oil with high quality Organosilicone surfactants.

These formulations are designed to improve the activity and effectiveness of certain herbicide sprays in post emergence applications. These products are designed for use with those pesticides and products whose labels recommend the addition of a spray adjuvant to improve coverage. MSO with Organosilicones promote the following characteristics to the spray solution: 

  • Fast spreading 
  • Uniform distribution 
  • Improved absorption of spray on leaf and stem surfaces 
  • Reduces the negative effects of adverse environmental conditions
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