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Utility Products

This category is a mixture of such products as tank cleaners, antifoam/defoaming agents, foam markers, and compatibility agents. 

Compatibility Agents: Materials that reduce or eliminate problems of separation or clumping by improving stability and uniform distribution. These are used with fertilizer blends that are added to tank mix.  

Stickers: Materials that assist the spray deposit in adhering or sticking to the sprayed surface. Stickers protect the pesticide from washing off the plant surface due to rainfall, heavy dew, or irrigation. 

Nitrogen Solutions: Nitrogen fertilizers for use as an adjuvant to increase pesticide uptake. 

Tank Cleaners: These products are formulated to remove herbicide residues in spray equipment that plain water will not remove. This eliminates the risk of herbicide injury on desirable crops.  This is particularly important when switching between herbicide tank mixes that have different mode of action.  

Foam Marker Concentrates: Foam Marker Concentrates are blends of high foaming surfactants and foam stabilizers, used with foam generating equipment to produce a dense foam for marking treated areas of a field. These products are designed to provide consistent and stable foam in all water hardness and weather conditions.

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