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Regulatory Support

Chemorse offers regulators compliance and support on the products we produce at the local, state, federal and international levels. We have formulations registered in California and Washington today. Please let us know how we can support your product and regulatory needs today and in the future.

California & Washington Product Registrations

Chemorse, Ltd. CA Reg # WA Reg #
Chem Spray Crop Oil Concentrate 1050984-50011-AA 46059-15005
60/40 Crop Oil Concentrate N/A 46059-15004
Conquer (90/10 MSO) 1050984-50002-AA 46059-10001
Chempro S-172 (Organosilicone MSO) 1050984-50008-AA 46059-15002
High Load Methylated Seed Oil (60/40 MSO) N/A 46059-15003
Chempro S-820 (Fighting brand 80/20 NIS) 1050984-50012-AA 46059-15001
Chempro S-910 (Fighting brand 90/10 NIS) 1050984-50013-AA 46059-14001
Chempro S-196 (Pinene oil) 1050984-50006-AA 46059-11001
Suppression (Dry antifoam) 1050984-50007-AA 46059-12001
Chem-Trol (1% drift control) 1050984-50001-AA 1050984-50001
Syndetic (30% drift control) 1050984-50003-ZA 46059-18002
Chempro A-10 (10% active defoamer) 1050984-50014-AA 46059-16001
Chempro CP-45 (Water cond./NIS/Humectant) 1050984-50015-AA 46059-18001
Chempro NIS 90 1050984-50016-AA 46059-18003
Chempro CP-20 1050984-50017-AA 46059-19001
Chempro CP-30 1050984-50018-AA 46059-19002

Chemorse Herbicide Approval Update

We continue to work with herbicide manufacturers for adjuvant approvals. To date, we have many products listed (with Chemorse name and/or private label) with XtendiMax® with VaporGrip® Technology, FeXapan™ with VaporGrip® Technology, Enlist™ One and Enlist Duo® with Colex-D® Technology, and Engenia™. In addition, we have products in testing for addition to the websites for Engenia™ Pro, Roundup Xtend® with VaporGrip® Technology, and Tavium® Plus VaporGrip® Technology when these herbicides are EPA registered.

Once an herbicide manufacturer has approved a Chemorse adjuvant for use, it’s a simple process of submitting a “letter of equivalency” to have a distributor’s private labeled product listed on that herbicides tank mix website. This process simplifies tank mix testing and allows each distributor to focus on their adjuvant portfolio. Our focus is on providing support to have private label products listed.

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